The Romans were responsible for the construction of the many vineyards in the Dordogne. Originally white wines hethoofdproduct, thinking of the famous appellations of Monbazillac (dessert wine) and Saussignac (especially as an aperitif and perfect with foie gras). Nowadays there are also many fine red wines for sale. The wine culture gave the town of Bergerac great prestige as the center of the Périgord Pourpre (purple). The region is named after the skin of the grape. And a very interesting wine region. This is also the area of the Pécharmant wines not to be forgotten, east of Bergerac.

A large part of the wine culture in the department in the 19th century destroyed by the phylloxera. Around Bergerac has been after this plague viticulture resumed. Farmers in the rest of the Dordogne still have a small vineyard established but only for private use, a simple table wine.
In recent years, especially young farmers that the profession of winemaker have resumed. Thus, along the banks of the Céou one of the smallest vineyards of France to find (20 ha.). Farmers with love for the profession, in a cooperative, a wine of high quality produce, the Vin de Domme.

Both around Bergerac and the Pécharmant area are the castles and wineries to visit, where you can taste and buy wines also.

> Chateau Monbazillac