Welcome to the Dordogne

The Dordogne is for the most part with the old province of Perigord (for 1790) and is part of the Aquitaine region.
The holiday area for all ages and for all tastes.
As a loyal tourist of the Dordogne is a challenge every holiday. What are we doing today?

Of staying in a camping à la ferme (farm site) to stay in a chateau (castle).
The day starts with delicious fresh bread from the local bakery and coffee a delicious piece of pecan pie. One of the local specialties.

The land of 1,000 castles spread over 575 municipalities. Castles in private ownership but also to visit. A visit to the cultural and historical value or ….. But a trip along a private castle is definitely worth it.
A journey from prehistoric times, through the medieval towns, castles, and churches bastidesteden to water recreation along the rivers and the lakes.
Of gastronomic delights to just good food. Bought on different markets, an experience in itself, or to the local retailer or simply a large supermarket.
Besides looking for good food on the market, snoop around the brocante (antiques and flea) markets and vide grenier (markets) or at the beginning of the evening to a marché nocturne, good food bought at the various stalls and at long tables with all visitors to the market, tourists and locals can tuck. And often entertained with live music. Is always a big surprise.

Canoeing or kayaking or just looking the pool, sunbathe, very quiet fishing or cycling .. Or just golf. A hot-air balloon ride, or a bird of prey show.
Especially in high season there is so much to experience. Every place has its own celebration with music and fantastic fireworks often repas (with each meal), Petanque tournament, ouvert à tous, so everyone can participate.
Enjoy nature. For more than 40% covered by forests. Where you still can be surprised with wild animals. Deer, rabbits, foxes and badgers are also present. From many places are walking trails, over different distances. But its unique gardens.
The evening with a nice glass of wine from the Bergerac. Enjoy the sounds of nature. But the silence and especially when there is no moon, the earth dark.
And then look up. Because in the Dordogne as well as any industry, it is one of the cleanest areas of Europe. So no air but no light pollution (with the exception of the few major cities). The universe looks down on you and you look back. A unique spectacle. The galaxy is just visible to the naked eye. And then to sleep. In silence. What we discover tomorrow.