Walking in the Dordogne

In the Dordogne, there really is something for everyone. Magnificent views. On a clear day the view is almost unlimited in distance.

From many villages are from “Le Bourg” (the center of a village, town square) several footpaths over different distances (Petites Randonnées or Circuits). There are also several long hiking routes, you from north to south and from east to west lead (Grande Randonnée) Through woods, open fields, over hills and through valleys and in the longer routes to the neighboring villages where possibly another route can be picked up. Every route from Le Bourg is such that it always turned back at the starting point. The routes are free to walk without registration or notice. At the start / end point is usually a large map showing the various routes are shown. Each length has its own color. From some places it is even possible to rent a donkey or horse who is walking to luggage or young children on his back to carry.

For more information please contact the local tourist office. Often also detailed maps of the routes available.

But just from your holiday address for a walk is a must. Especially if you are outside of the village spend your holidays is a boerenweg or forest quickly became a temptation to see what was the end of the path is found. Please note that terrain privee, entrance interdite, défense d’entrée etc. really means that you’re not welcome here.