Sometimes you see in old barns sometimes the small machines for walnut oil. This oil was used especially when lighting. Occasionally one sees still an old woman in the autumn of her house cracks nuts with a wooden hammer. This is the function of the wooden hammers that both in shops and on the market sold. Not recommended for a Dutchman because it requires a lot of experience to this well nuts to crack. And it depends also on the type of note away. Two types are well known in the Dordogne.









The Corne, which remains very easiest of cracking in two halves and Grandjean usually broken is sold for use in walnut cakes, bread and oil. Walnut from the Dordogne is an absolute must in a salad. Nut trees do not need much maintenance. A few times a pruning and plowing the soil around the trees. In the autumn sees many residents of the region with black fingers around. The result of the nuts and turnips from the husk it. The Corne-nuts is nowadays back in the stores wrapped with a layer of sugar. The Grandjean as confiture de noix (notenjam). For a detailed explanation L’Eco Musée de la Noix Castelnaud, Or eg Le Village du Bournat in Le Bugue, anyway worth a visit.