Truffles in the Dordogne

Famous than the nuts are the truffles in the Dordogne.

A strange underground fungus that for an ordinary lover almost impossible to pay if my look at the price per kilo. They are often called the black gold or black diamond called. Fortunately, by the weight of the truffle only a small amount is sufficient. So the ordinary lover can still enjoy it.

The strange thing about the truffle by his rough knobby appearance is enhanced by its jet black color. Even when he is cut in half, the jet black color. (a halved black olive is not really black)

With a truffle or truffle is a piece meal a feast. The taste is very pungent but just know this taste of the commonest eating a refined meal. But, of course, are truffles in the special meals.

Truffles are wanted sniffing pigs, which provided training love this and now trained dogs. Usually they grow under oak trees. Yet not every oak tree a truffle tree. It seems like the truffle anywhere find out.

Fresh zjjn they delicious but the offer in the harvest months, November to March is limited. They are usually preserved in goose or cognac or canned, a method in which they halfway inschrompelen.

The harvest was significantly reduced after both world wars. The secret sites and the proper maintenance of land passed from father to son. These secrets are both wars literally gone to the grave of the soldiers.

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