Tips for your stay

Most French people speak only the French language and in the Dordogne many elderly speak the dialect, patois. If you do not speak the language or very limited, it is recommended to order a booklet with the most common phrases with you. How difficult it is also highly appreciated if you make the effort to make yourself understood in French. If you answer too quickly, give it to. Here we understand.

A good map of France will take you at least to the important places. For the small towns and hamlets is a detailed map of the region is recommended.
In the Dordogne, in the summer very hot. 30 degrees or more. Takes this into account. Drinking enough water. The tap water is not recommended as there is often much chlorine in it. Water is sold in stores. Eau de Source (spring water) is available in different price ranges. Unbranded water is cheap. 1.5 liter bottles.

In the larger supermarkets hanging at the entrance or exit of numerous posters with the activities that are currently in the region are organized. The village festivals (fête votive, fête employer, fête local), antique markets (foire flea), flea (vide grenier), special markets eg crafts, concerts, exhibitions, fishing competitions (concours de pêche), bowling tournaments (concours the petanque ouvert à tous, participation for everyone, including the recreatiebouler), and many other activities.

If you have young children on holiday it is advisable to them in the afternoon, the hottest time of the day to sleep. The advantage is that they are longer in the evening of activities to take part, if the temperature is lower and the risk of burning is smaller. This gives everyone a real holiday feeling. Children to bed later and the parents lunchtime a moment for themselves.

Canoeing and kayaking. Reservations are recommended and the rent (sometimes free) a ton that you bring on board for personal belongings and clothing, food and drinks, and of course if you are after disposing of waste at a designated place. Observe the instructions given to you. The landlord determines how many people you can sit in a boat (has to do with the maximum weight per boat and the height of the water) and wear a life jacket (included with the rental of the boat included and is mandatory) especially for children, even if they can swim, when possible capsize the boat is a child quickly panicked. All in the interest of everyone’s safety. Lubricate you enough and take a T-shirt or blouse to wear and bring a hat or cap to put on it. You will not be the first holiday that burned on the water or heatstroke.

The visit of caves is always led by a guide. There are also, especially in high season waiting to visit a cave. This is due to the microclimate in a cave. Because of the heat, light and disrupting the air flow, the caves threatened by algae and moss. Photographing, carrying backpacks or other large bags, pets, and food and leave waste is prohibited. Similarly, touching the walls and stalactites. What we do recommend is putting on a sweater, given the temperature in the caves to this natural spectacle seeing.