How does one in the Dordogne?


By car.

From mid-Netherlands via Antwerp, Ghent, Lille, Paris, Orléans, through A71naar Vierzon, Chateauroux (A20), Limoges.

From Lille to Paris from north and south side of Paris to Vierzon toll (toll roads). In Paris there are several possibilities to the south. Via the Boulevard Péripherique (much chance of jams) Paris Est, Paris Centre, Lyon, Bordeaux or follow through Francilienne (A104) a longer route but with significantly less risk of congestion.

To the west of the Dordogne is the route from Orleans Tours through (A10), Poitiers (toll), Angouleme recommended.

If you feel comfortable to the south wish to travel or no toll to pay the old N20, south of Paris, that you through many beautiful places leads, a great alternative.

From the A20 continues Limoges to Brive or Souillac on the east side of the Dordogne. For the middle or west via St. Yrieux or Thiviers.

As an indication of the distance to the Dordogne, the route from Utrecht to Sarlat 1050 km.

On highways a speed limit of 130 km, 110 km motorways, roads outside built-up areas 90 km and 50 km in places. Also in France is tightly controlled at speed. Or radar speed check on the autoroutes.

Or look at a route planner for example:


By train.

By TGV (high speed train) from Lille to Bordeaux (5 hours). Angouleme TGV stops from where a bus with ao Perigueux and Brantome, or to Bordeaux from where you take the train to Bergerac, Sarlat and Perigueux, Brive.

By train (Thalys) from the Netherlands to Gare du Nord in Paris, where you drive must switch to Gare d’Austerlitz and Gare Montparnasse (TGV to Bordeaux).

From Gare d’Austerlitz, trains south towards Toulouse. From Brive and Souillac his bus to Sarlat.

Please note that many local bus only morning and evening drive and not on weekends.

Even if you do not want to drive this train travel is a great way to travel to the south (in Paris, you do not drive to change). Reserve early.

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By plane.


Direct flights are there for part of the year starts with Rotterdam Transavia. Outside these times, you can fly via Paris or one of the English prize fighters in Bordeaux, Périgueux, Bergerac or Toulouse, or directly from the Netherlands to Bordeaux.