Pre History

Les Eyzies-de-Tayac is the capital of the pre-history called. Located along the Vezere river par excellence for a journey into the prehistoric life. It is a strange idea to walk around in caves and shelters homes where tens of thousands of years ago people lived. There is a wealth of caves to visit. Of caves with stalactites and stalagmites, the caves, to caves with the most fantastic murals. Most drawings on a cave wall set almost always hunting for. Mostly of bison, mammoths, reindeer, horses and aurochs. Occasionally one finds a fish or snake, rare images of a man. Presumably the people lived in caves, but these were intended as a sort of sacred space, a good hunt or wish to thank for a good hunt. The youngest drawings are about 10,000 years old of the oldest is the unknown. The people themselves lived under a shelter, an overhanging cliff. These were protected from the weather with skins of animals. The Pre-Histo Park is an absolute must for children. Here you get a nice picture of life in pre-history. Of living up to the hunt. The special feature of the cave paintings is that in the areas often several drawings over each other to see. On old drawings they brought a layer of ocher and then new ideas to bring. The ocher is low in the course of centuries gone so recent drawings on the older walk around. Special artists were at work in the caves with lights berenvet to relieve. One of the most unique caves are the caves of Lascaux in Montignac. Due to the huge number of visitors threatened to disappear drawings and these caves closed to the public. A unique project in addition to the original caves, Lascaux II, an almost exact copy of the original, each tourist is able to do this phenomenon to behold.