Nontron Dordogne

The center of the Perigord Vert. Located at (Nontron Basse) and above (Nontron Haute) the valley of the Bandiat, the railway Paris-Périgueux. The center for industry and commerce for the region. In particular, the woodworking, small items to furniture. The location of Nontron in nature is worth a visit. Northeastern Nontron are many lakes and the valley of the Bandiat seven watermills that visit and still in operation (including grain, oil, wood). 5 km. South of Nontron St.-Estèphe a large lake where a lot of fish, water, and canoeing is done. Houses with a medieval atmosphere and a 18th-century castle that was built on the foundations of a 11th-century forticatie. This castle is the Museum of the Departmental Poupées et Jouets d’Antan located. The museum contains a collection of antique toys, dolls and dollhouses (including late 19th century). The face of Nontron is determined by the head of the neo-Gothic church with 17th-and 18th-century paintings. Near Nontron is the bridge over the Bandiat from the 11th and 12th centuries, once part of the Roman road between Nontron and Châlus.