L’Office de Tourisme

In many places one can find Syndicat d’Initiative. A small tourist office. Plenty of leaflets and information about the attractions in your area. But also from more distant places in the Dordogne. Hours of attractions. Information about the ordinary markets, antique markets, concerts, exhibitions, summer parties.

Many activities are seasonal. So many places in summer their own celebration with various activities. For example, a disco evening for youth, children’s games or a bicycle race, a competition the petanque (boules tournament) where everyone can take part in a competition or the peach (fishing competition). Such a party is usually the weekend on both Saturday and Sunday often than a ball with coconut grand fireworks. In many places it is also possible to participate in the repas (meal with all residents) is also given concerts in the summer months. And a variety of exhibits including paintings, sculptures, quilts.

One tip I can give you is to get to the entrance or exit of the larger supermarkets once the poster board to view. Here hang posters of many activities that are currently organized. L’Office de Tourisme is more comprehensive in terms of information and to find some great steden.ber.