Child activities

Besides the rivers in the Dordogne for expanded water fun are at almost every campsite and many houses pools. Many municipalities have a pool. A visit to the caves for children is also very impressive. The cold, running under the ground, the confrontation with the history of primitive man. And then the imposing castles of the Dordogne is rich.

  • Prehisto Parc near Tursac. Here is the life of the Cro-Magnon-man depicted.

  • Château de Castelnaud Castelnaud-la-Chapelle. High on the cliffs one beholds the impressive Château de Castelnaud. For children a real castle chivalry. In the castle is the war museum in the Ages (Musee de la Guerre au Moyen-Age) established, with many impressive war machines from the 100-year war. How free a slingshot and another old war and a large collection of weapons and an explanation of the conduct of war at that time.