Canoeing on the Dordogne

For young and old an adventure and also a very relaxing pastime.

The Dordogne region explore from the water. In particular, the Périgord Noir area along the Dordogne is busy. But on the other rivers include La Dronne, L’Isle and Vézère is great for canoeing and kayaking, and here it is considerably quieter.

Quietly paddling along steep cliffs, pebble beaches along the shore, almost untouched nature, many a canoeist has here the kingfisher in the flesh fly and castles admired from the water. It is the discovery of the area from a different side.

Along the rivers are many companies / campsites established that rent kayaks or canoes.

From the rental location are several options for distance (half day, full day or even overnight possibilities).

An average distance per hour paddle is approximately 3 km. See the information leaflet in the rental.

From various locations there are several possibilities. Leave from the rental outlet, and downstream at an agreed place to be picked by minibus, minibus leave for a starting point and be collected at the endpoint and minibus back to the base, or by minibus taken away to be to the point and arrive at the rental location.

Reservations are recommended and the rent (sometimes free) a ton that you bring on board for personal belongings and clothing, food and drinks, and of course if you are after disposing of waste at a designated place.

Observe the instructions given to you. The landlord determines how many people you can sit in a boat (has to do with the maximum weight per boat and the height of the water) and wear a life jacket (included with the rental of the boat included and is mandatory) especially for children, even if they can swim, when possible capsize the boat is a child quickly panicked. All in the interest of everyone’s safety.

One last warning to the rest of the holiday also nice to have. Lubricate you enough and take a T-shirt or blouse to wear and bring a hat or cap to put on it. You will not be the first holiday that burned on the water or heatstroke.




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