Dordogne the river

One of the longest rivers of France’s La Dordogne. From the Massif Central it flows about 490 km from the Puy-de-Domme departments, Correze, Dordogne and Gironde to the Atlantic Ocean.

It owes its origin to the Puy de Sancy (the highest peak of the Auvergne, 1886 m) at 1680 meters altitude, arising from the rivers Dorde and Dogne.

Through the spas Le Mont Dore and La Bourboule flows southwards. Meandering through the countryside, on the border of the departments of Puy-de-Domme, Corrèze and Cantal along Chateau Le Val to Bort-les-Orgues. From here many downstream dams constructed to produce electricity. After Argentat and Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne Girac she walks in the Lot department in and bend them to the west towards Creysse and Souillac. After they Souillac flows in the same department of Dordogne. Along rock formations on the way to Le Cingle de Montfort (a large loop in the river) and Domme. Along La Roque Gageac and the valley of the 5 castles, Lacoste, Castelnaud, Marqueussac, Fayrac and Beynac to Limeuil where the Vezere joins the Dordogne. Le Cingle the Limeuil and shortly thereafter Le Cingle de Trémolat to Lalinde. By Bergerac from which a single cargo barge and many yachts. Along Port Ste Foy et Ronchapt to Libourne and Castillon la Bataille where she garlands with large orbits around L’Isle and the Dordogne. From Libourne La Dordogne is a wide river that has to do with the tides. Along Saint André de Cubzac and Bourg. At the height of Marchais she comes along with La Garonne and they go under the name La Gironde to Royan in the north and Le Verdon-sur-Mer on the south culminate in the Atlantic Ocean.

The river Dordogne until the beginning of this century is very important for the transport of goods by boat. Since large stretches of the river are very fierce, beautiful rock formations, the boats, la Gabare, at endpoint (Lalinde) apart and with horse and carriage brought back to the starting point upriver.

The river Dordogne is for many tourists a great challenge to canoe or kayak to explore. Along the river in many locations canoes or kayaks for rent. There are also many sites from day and hikes.

Also, La Dordogne excellent bike or car followed.

A must for walkers, the area of ​​Puy de Sancy La Dordogne where its origin.